Create and run reports fast

Get hold of your financials across multiple outlets. Create ad hoc inquiries to answer real-time questions and build formal reports for approvals. 

Goal: Create an integrated reporting, analytics and financial planning tool as a single real-time solution that fully supports your distributed network of outlets.

WWS Insight is a SaaS solutions that goes beyond the basics of financial reporting. It provides the information you need to more effectively support the business—without any additional investment for external systems.

Finance and IT are no longer the narrow bottlenecks when business users receive the information that they need to make the right decisions on time. WWS Insight provides a modern financial reporting experience, freeing users from spreadsheet maintenance and manual processes. Rich reporting functionality delivers key insights to executives and managers, equipping them with the information they need. The result is financial and operational insight in business terms—and the ability to drive business more wisely. 

Our software integrates the process of reporting across all levels of responsibility. The web-based solution provides accurate information to users in real-time, sophisticated and complex reports can be created on any information within the business intelligence system. Users can filter by any dimension, compare and drill down into data and generate management reports in multiple formats. Flexible in the configuration and adaptable to any single entity our system will correctly represent, analyse and report your company through figures.

It is easy to configure key performance indicators that analyse performance in real time, generating added benefits to the organisation by enabling efficient decision making at all levels in the business. With WWS Insight dashboards, managers have a universal view of business activity available to them with real time alerts to warn of any adverse variations.

  • The WWS Insight Dashboard is an instant health check for your business, showing the latest transactions, as well as the expenses vs incomes in the latest periods.

  • Entering the transactions has never been easier with predictive references, bulk import and single-page interface.

  • Build the real-time financial analytic reports to make the right decisions in critical conditions.

  • Establish an error-free workflow by leveraging the extensive functionality of reporting tools.