Automate and record the movement of physical files

Establish a paper trail with quick and easy chain-of-custody tracking. Inform your client of readiness of their application.

Goal: Create a highly customizable document tracking system with extensive reporting capabilities and barcode support.

Today, more than ever before, businesses deal with thousands of regulations, laws, policies and best practices surrounding the treatment of sensitive documents. This is often expensive to manage, easy to mismanage and can cause a great deal of stress. Our document tracking software establishes easy, immediate chain-of-custody document management tools and rights management.

Our barcode file tracking system automates and records the movement of files in an out of a file room with a few quick barcode scans. Check files out to users and check them back in by scanning both the user barcode ID and the file ID. This simple to understand and use system lets you know who has each file and where they are.

Print file barcodes, location barcodes and user barcodes right through the system. Every transaction is date and time stamped providing an audit trail as to the movement of files. Our system is fully customizable making the barcode tracking system capable of tracking medical charts, law office files, insurance claims documents, school documents and more.  Design your own labels and reports using the built in tools included.

System Includes:

System Benefits:

  • WWS DocuTrack records the specific location of a document or file. The Check Out/In process tracks the document to employees, departments, cases, whatever you designate as a responsible party.

  • For both manufacturing and maintenance organizations, barcode tracking helps eliminate expensive problems such as lost orders, incorrect assemblies, product recalls and line downtime.

  • Track the history of every asset by using our extensive logging system and reporting tools.

  • Inform your clients immediately after the document has been processed across several channels of communication, including the SMS or Email.