Scheduling with a style

Allow customers to book online 24/7, send automated text and email reminders and pay online in advance. Benefit from using the extensive tools available for front office servicing the clients

Goal: Allow clients book appointment online across multiple locations and pay for the service in advance.

Online scheduling software will allow your clients to book and reschedule appointments and services or register to events at their own convenience - anytime, anywhere and on any device. Offering self-service scheduling online will make your business available 24/7, increasing the amount of new leads and generating more business opportunities.

WWS Schedule provides the real-time management of appointments and events for organizations spanning retail, financial services, telecommunications and beyond. Our robust, secure multichannel booking platform enables fully-customized booking experiences. Manage multiple locations or employees, only show your clients the calendar you want them to see, and block out any dates you’ll be taking off.

Automated confirmations and reminders will eliminate up to 70% of the back and forth communications for scheduling an appointment, reduce the time your team spends on the phone by 40% as well as minimize no-shows.

Watch the cashflow in your account without having to chase it down. Collect a fee up-front  or simply let the clients pay later. Payment integration setup takes just seconds. Our platform enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to improve access to public services across digital and traditional channels while achieving significant cost savings and efficiencies.

  • Easily build your own step-by-step appointment scheduling process for your clients according to your business needs.

  • Allow your operators to conveniently service the walk-in customers alongside the pre-booked appointments.

  • Get the realtime insight of your business performance and manage the resources effectively.