Deliver smart metering technology while hiding the complexity of IoT stack.

Where big data meets the Internet of Things. Bring the latest smart grid and smart metering technologies to your business.

Goal:Create a smart solution for managing metered data of temperature, CO2 levels and other parameters, as well as access control data, which can be used throughout the business units.

The security of IT cabinets in server rooms and data centers is becoming more important world-wide. The reason is that a typical IT infrastructure supports the entire organization and stores the know-how of the company. We have developed an integrated temperature and access control system. This new system enables you to monitor and control your IT environment in a very efficient way. Sensors detect door access, variations in temperature, security and other variables to give you immediate sms-notification and greater control over your network, all at great value.

Our solution is designed for use when conditions in a computer room or data center environment turn fatal for computer systems and other expensive IT equipment such as extreme temperature, extreme humidity, main power loss, flood, smoke/fire, security break-ins and other conditions. WWS Smart Meters can send notifications without any user interaction both automatically and immediately, saving expensive equipment from damage caused by environment extremes that go unchecked.

WWS Smart Meters solution is the way to combine data from security systems with environmental and access control equipment in one centralized management software package. It acts as the core for your monitoring / surveillance system, connecting all your hardware for an optimal, integrated solution. The system is designed specifically to assist with monitoring computer room temperature, humidity, power, room entry and much more in multiple locations simultaneously. This server room monitor can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall using the included wall mount bracket.

Web browser interface allows users to view and manage any or all units on their network, graph and log sensor data in real-time or over a specified date range, send out alerts if an issue or event arises, and much more. It provides the ability to easily monitor temperature and environmental conditions from anywhere, at anytime, via the web.


  • Be aware of the events across your network of locations. Stay alert on possible outages and take precautios before things go wrong.

  • Get reports based on historical data and monitor the effectiveness of your running systems.

  • Create a customizable model of your metering systems using our floor plans outliner tool.